Saturday, November 7, 2015

A HUGE quilt going home today ...

This huge quilt (94"x100") is going home today.

It has 300+ individual motifs, cross-hatching on the border, and I used 20 prewound bobbins ... took a lot of time but I think customer will be pleased.  She gave me a picture of what she wanted and I pretty much was able to do all that was asked.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A New Project

For some time now I've resisted starting any "in-depth" project ... unlike most of you (I imagine a LOT of you start a project and finish it before the new one comes along...right?) I have more than several unfinished projects that I really need to just pull up my big girl panties and JUST FINISH!  So when someone says, "Here's a cute project we can do" ... I usually pretend I'm deaf and change the subject.

But then along came friend Tina ... last May ... showing me this Beatle Bag.  I resisted doing one then ... and then, again, along came friend Tina last week telling me she was doing another one ... oh good grief... so I bit.  I had the pattern ... I think I can find two fat quarters around here somewhere ... 5/8 yard of another fabric isn't hard to come by ... 

It is the smartest project bag I've seen in a long time and now that I've done one I know where the pitfalls are, and can actually see getting one done in a day or a day + 1/2 day.  Time is my enemy ... I just don't have a spare week to work on any new project so this bag is perfect for my Saturday/Sunday free time.  The pattern comes with the inserts - a set of 4, giving you 8 separate zippered plastic holders.  If one were to do more than one bag, the inserts are available by themselves.  How smart is that?  How many will YOU make?  LOL!

Great news! Quilts found!

Sally Wright's quilts (and others) found!

So glad that these quilts were located.  The owners spent a few anxious days wondering if their quilts would be found...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sad story ...

Go visit

Hard to imagine how I'd handle my own missing quilts.

Hard to believe that this hasn't been spoken of until now.

Geez ...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finished Quilts

Here are some quilts that have found their way home recently.  Enjoy!

 This one is a quilt of fairies and Frosted Fairy fabric!  Love these big blocks and how Cathy styled it from light at the top to dark at the bottom.  For a sweet granddaughter who helped plan the project.  Great job, ladies!
 This is a Floral Sampler and it is big!  The fabrics are based on a rose theme, so I chose Ribbon Rose for the quilting.  On it's way to NY!  Great job, Alethea!

 And this is Eleanor's Lone Star.  Another big quilt.  We decided to quilt a simple panto and I think it worked out beautifully.  Super job, Eleanor!

The next two are Little Monsters quilts, for two grandsons.  Easy peasy but oh-so-cute!  Robbie didn't want a whole lot of quilting so I used the Little Monster panto but made it big and spacious.  Great quilts for two little boys.

I pieced this Bento Box last year and after working on a lot of custom quilts recently,  I decided to treat myself to a simple panto.  This is for our Stitchin' Sallies group.  And it is done!  Woo woo!  Love doing something simple but cute ....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Almond Country Beauty!

This Almond Country Beauty was a BOM at Intown Quilters last year and it's the second one I've quilted.  Friend Wanda taught the class and I quilted hers.  Thankfully she doesn't mind if the ones that follow resemble hers ... not much you can do with those spikey thingies.  But I did manage to throw in some unique-ness.

It's not a large quilt but it sure takes time to quilt.  Plus I'm not one to stand for hours on end quilting ... I take plenty of breaks, read email, catch up on far-away daughters, talk to hubby quite a bit, and there's always the time consuming "let the cat in...let the cat out...wait, she wants to come in again ..."  Life's finest moments ...


Monday, August 17, 2015

Update ...

Friend Wanda and I entered two quilts in the East Cobb Quilt show earlier in the summer.  Wanda did the hard work - piecing a Jacqueline de Jong pattern is not for sissies, believe me!  

Curling Colors (Jacqueline de Jong pattern) got a 2nd place ribbon:

We also entered Wanda's By My Hands - pieced with machine applique.  She did a wonderful job and I had a great time quilting this one.  It was a dream to quilt!

By My Hands received a 3rd place ribbon.

Congratulations to us both!  We were gob-smacked at the honors!  

A Salute to the University of Georgia

Friend Patsy Ruth's daughter Julie graduated from the University of GA some time ago and is currently working on her doctorate.  She is employed by the University as the Alumni coordinator and recently got a promotion ... new office with a big blank wall.  Patsy decided to piece a wall hanging for her and gave it to me to quilt.  This is Capristrano by Judy Martin from her Stellar Quilts book.  Isn't it stellar?

Monday, July 20, 2015

When you need the sun and the moon ...

My friend Wanda has created her own paper piecing pattern and I think it is adorable, cool, really creative ... and I'm glad I got to quilt it.  Here's the Sun and Moon just for you!

Monday, July 6, 2015

It was a great game!

We watched the World Cup final yesterday and I have to say ... it was a great  game!  Love that team! 

So I'm just taking a moment to share some of the quilts I've been working on.

 This is a quilt for a customer's daughter.  It's a beautiful shade of coral and white.  Her piecing was impeccable which made my job easier.
 This is a closeup of those beautiful coral baskets!
You've heard of the Missouri Star Quilt Company Disappearing Hour Glass, right?  This is the result of all that cutting, switching around, cutting ... absolutely love this bright batik quilt.  Again, piecing was spot on...

I'm thinking that I have a wonderful and talented group of piecers!  Great work everyone!

 And this is a Snowman quilt that was a great theme to work on during those hot summer days!

  1. And this is an Autumn quilt that was fun to do.  Can you see those cute pumpkins in there?  

Monday, June 8, 2015

I'm on Instagram ... finally ...

Don't you think it's about time?  

Go over to the right and you'll see the instagram button.  

Follow me and we'll see where we will go ... 

I'm still going to try to keep up with the blog, but Instagram is very interesting, also.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Gifted Quilt

In August 2012 I had the bright idea to "gift" a LQS Mystery quilt to my friend of 45+ years, Tina.  I paid for the quilt up front and the shop would send Tina a block each month ... at the same time I'm also doing the mystery quilt.  Doncha know how much I love mysteries?  This was Tina's Christmas and birthday gift all rolled into one.

So the following year, 2013, after the mystery is all done I told Tina to send her quilt top to me and I would quilt it for her - as that year's Christmas and birthday quilt...

Fast forward to April 2015 ... I have had that blessed quilt on and off my machine a dozen times - thank goodness I have zippers.  Every time I would get a good start on it, a customer quilt emergency would come along.  So off it would come until another day.  This past April I knew that I would be seeing Tina in May, so like a mad woman I finished up that quilt!  And gave it to her last week and I think she likes it.  I have never been so glad to get one huge project done.  So now the question is:  What do I "gift" Tina for this Christmas and her birthday?  LOL!  And don't you know ... I still have my own mystery quilt in the Waiting for Sylvia to Quilt Someday pile!!

Here's a couple of pics to enjoy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring is here

We do believe that spring has finally arrived...maybe...again it's cool and damp outside but we have had a couple of beautiful days.

Here is a wonderful spring quilt that I finished a couple of weeks ago and it is now with it's rightful owner.  I really wanted to adopt this one ...  I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics and this one is a beautiful KF hexagon quilt.  

This one is a HUGE quilt for a customer's son.  I used a spikey swirl panto on it.  Carol said she just went to her scraps and pulled the colors.  Isn't it gorgeous?  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Asian Quilt done!

I just took this one off Max ... it was a fun Asian quilt/wall-hanging.  I used ClamShell design on it.  Good job, Patsy Ruth!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Playing catch-up part 2

These are quilts that are here in 2015.  

the first pictures are of a pattern called By My Hand, using machine embroidery and applique.  Nice job!

These next few pictures are of Cathy's Christmas Cactus pattern.  Not Christmas-y at all, but absolutely stunning.  Love love love this quilt!

This is a vintage red background quilt that Cheryl's family member made years ago and she just "wanted it done".  I used Baptist fan on this one.

This is a Jacqueline de Jonge Curling Colors.  First picture is it being blocked and second picture is a close-up of some of the hidden blocks.  Very precise paper piecing.