Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Almond Country Beauty!

This Almond Country Beauty was a BOM at Intown Quilters last year and it's the second one I've quilted.  Friend Wanda taught the class and I quilted hers.  Thankfully she doesn't mind if the ones that follow resemble hers ... not much you can do with those spikey thingies.  But I did manage to throw in some unique-ness.

It's not a large quilt but it sure takes time to quilt.  Plus I'm not one to stand for hours on end quilting ... I take plenty of breaks, read email, catch up on far-away daughters, talk to hubby quite a bit, and there's always the time consuming "let the cat in...let the cat out...wait, she wants to come in again ..."  Life's finest moments ...