Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 - part 2

So I got some Comfort Quilts quilted and actually made some time to work on my own stuff.  

This is for my son-in-law Thiago.  He and my daughter Liz live in Basel, Switzerland.  She asked me months ago to make him a flannel quilt with the triangle pattern.  NOT MY CHOICE of either fabric or pattern ... but I rallied on and finished it.  The moment I cut it from the machine, I fell in love with it.  The swirl pattern gives it so much texture.  I used wool batting which makes it incredibly soft and light.  It made it to Basel in 7 days ... Merry Christmas, Thiago!!  And they opened their presents while we watched via Skype.  Doncha just love technology!!

This little critter is Mizz Prickly.  Our little sewing group decided to do a pin cushion exchange and I had been wanting to make this cutie patootie for a year.  Got my chance and made it up fast.  She is just too darn cute!  
 I saw this originally at Intown Quilters 2 years ago and had to have one of my own!  Loved the fabrics and smushed them all together.  There are over 20 different fabrics in this.  I have to say that the directions are ... shall we say ... lacking?  The designer did put out 7 videos to help you along but it still took some skill and effort to get it all together.  Love my bag!  Maybe it will see Basel one of these days???

And these are a posse of lacy zipper bags that I made for some of my sewing buddies.  Once I made 5 or 6 of them, they came along pretty easily.  But I totally wrecked an expensive iron because of the fusible.  NO MORE EXPENSIVE IRONS FOR ME!  

And on Christmas Day, the Missouri Star Quilt Company put out a video on how to make an easy-peasy sewing mat.  I've been wanting one for years and that day was a blessing!  In the late afternoon I sat down, watched the video, and had it made by that evening.  Love love love it!!!  Of course, you see where my scissors (1 pair of at least 7 in my studio...sigh...) are sitting?  There is a pocket for them but they just naturally sit right there on the machine.  

Happy 2016, y'all!!!

Welcome to 2016!

Seems like they come around faster and faster, don't they?

Here are some quilts and projects that ended up the year 2015 for me ... enjoy ...

The following four quilts are Comfort Quilts for our Stitchin' Sallies ministry at Due West United Methodist Church.  They are NOT "charity" quilts ... each quilt is made with love and hope that it brings comfort to the recipient.  We are a small group (I think we have 11 members at this point) and we meet weekly to work on the Comfort Quilts or on our own projects.  My mission is to get them quilted.  I finished up my customer quilts at Christmas and dove into the Comfort Quilt pile and finished these 4.  More are on the way ...