Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A couple of quilts for another stormy day ...

We have had some interesting weather here today.  Storms, meaning tornadoes, lots of rain, intense wind, and a lot of those tornado warnings.  

So I'm in the studio, mushroom style (in the basement), quilting away, and the weather doesn't bother me a bit.  

So while the winds howl and the rain pounds down, here's what I've done ...

 This one is a Yellow Brick Road for a customer's soon-to-be grandbaby.  I used the panto Alfresco on it to mimic those big beautiful pink flowers in the border.   

The next one is a Comfort Quilt that my church quilting group provides for those in need, especially those undergoing cancer treatment.  This one is so soft and sweet. I used Twofold Feathers on this one with a Glide thread (Salmon) which matched perfectly.