Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Gifted Quilt

In August 2012 I had the bright idea to "gift" a LQS Mystery quilt to my friend of 45+ years, Tina.  I paid for the quilt up front and the shop would send Tina a block each month ... at the same time I'm also doing the mystery quilt.  Doncha know how much I love mysteries?  This was Tina's Christmas and birthday gift all rolled into one.

So the following year, 2013, after the mystery is all done I told Tina to send her quilt top to me and I would quilt it for her - as that year's Christmas and birthday quilt...

Fast forward to April 2015 ... I have had that blessed quilt on and off my machine a dozen times - thank goodness I have zippers.  Every time I would get a good start on it, a customer quilt emergency would come along.  So off it would come until another day.  This past April I knew that I would be seeing Tina in May, so like a mad woman I finished up that quilt!  And gave it to her last week and I think she likes it.  I have never been so glad to get one huge project done.  So now the question is:  What do I "gift" Tina for this Christmas and her birthday?  LOL!  And don't you know ... I still have my own mystery quilt in the Waiting for Sylvia to Quilt Someday pile!!

Here's a couple of pics to enjoy.