Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!!

Oh, Happy Dance!  I just got word that Bernina University has announced its new 7-series line!  I have sooooooo been waiting for this word!  

I am an old-time Bernina fanatic.  I have the original 830 - totally mechanical - machine and I love it.  I will never trade this one in.  Several years ago I was ready to buy a Bernina that had embroidery functionality, and for reasons I won't go into, I bought the Babylock Ellegante2 which I also love.  I am not heavy into embroidery but I want that capability when I decide I want to embroider.  

So fast forward 2 years, and I realized that I'm still obsessing over a new Bernina.  I really want a SEWING machine without the embroidery stuff, but I want some new technology, like a touch screen.  And guess what!  (Hands to face!!)  The new 710 appears to be my next machine.  Ok Ok ... I'll calm down.  These new machines are expected in the stores in September so I'll actually wait until then and go drive one and see how we mesh.  

Oh, my ...

Click on the above link and you'll read all about the new line!