Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baskets and Stepping Stones

My friend Darlene does beautiful applique work and she gave me her appliqued baskets wall-hanging to quilt.  I asked if I could do a bit of custom work and she agreed.  Her piecing is so spot on and the whole top is beautifully pieced.  I did some curved cross-hatching in 2 of the baskets, some feathers in those big setting triangles, and then different border designs.  (I'm still working on taking better pictures ... hang in there ... I'll get it one of these days!). 


Here's a picture of the back of the Basket quilt.  Don't you just love looking at the back of quilts?  Sometimes they give you a whole different perspective on the quilt.


My church quilting group is Stitchin' Sallies and our service to God, church, and community is to make Comfort Quilts for those undergoing chemotherapy.  My part in this is that I get to quilt them!  What a gift for me, as this provides me opportunity to practice, practice, practice!  I love these quilts.  Each one is just so unique and I try to enhance the piecers work.   This one I called Stepping Stones.  I have no idea what the original name is for the pattern but it turned out beautiful.  Good work!!