Friday, March 21, 2014

Now here's the reason why I've not been around lately...

I wanted to give these two quilts a post of their own.  I had so much fun quilting both of these.


 This is called Almond Country Beauty and is currently at Intown Quilters promoting a class.  Wanda asked me to quilt it and as you can see I had a bit of fun with it.  Wanda is teaching the class there and if I had a moment to spare I'd be there.  I love this pattern!

And this is sweet Jeanita's!  It is called Star Light Retreat and I believe that she took a class for this beauty.  It is absolutely stunning.  Her piecing is so precise ... this big boy laid down across my table with not a wave or wrinkle.  I had a lot of fun doing this one.  Feathered wreaths in the light squares, and a leafy wreath in the dark squares, cross-hatching in the inner border, and feather motifs in the setting triangles.

The large outside stars were fun and fast once I found the secret "1 start - 1 stop" path!  Wheeeee!!!!  
Here's a closer look at the center.  Absolutely loved doing this one!

Spring has sprung ...

Don't hate me ... let's just say that I've been extremely busy the past couple of months.  It's not quite a lie, but it will do in a pinch ...

So I'll just drop some eye candy and see how it goes.  Remember you can click on any picture to get a closer look.

 This is Cathy's Star quilt.  She spent a lot of time and effort on this big quilt and it shows ... pieced to perfection!!
One of our local guilds had Paula Barnes as a guest speaker and Helen wanted this one quilted and ready for display for Paula.  It is a wonderful quilt.  
 Joann pieced this one for her son.  I love this design.  I'm blessed to have piecers who are so meticulous in their piecing.  Beautiful quilt!
This is Joanne's Swoon quilt.  It is absolutely wonderful.  The colors are so soft.  I used the Baptist Fan design in keeping with the traditional look of the quilt.  Great great quilt!
 I'm seeing more and more "modern" quilts and I really like them.  This one is so pretty in the greys and yellows.  
 Don't you love the colors!  So pretty and girly!

This is Marti's baby quilt.  These colors are indeed so soft that they almost disappear in the picture.  I used an Angel Wings panto for this one.

 This is a cutie-patootie ... I called it The Circus is in Town!  Under each flap is a circus animal.  I had fun with this little dude...
 Two table runners for Pam!
Here's a Comfort Quilt that a member of the church group pieced.  It went to a member of our church who is undergoing radiation for breast cancer and she absolutely loves it!
 Several years ago a friend and I got together and I showed her how to piece this Shoji quilt top.  It has taken some time but she finally got it done and it is now quilted.  Every journey begins with one step ...