Quilt Prep

It is important that you take a few minutes to prepare your quilt top for quilting.  Follow these simple steps and you'll help me make that quilt top beautiful!

1.  If your quilt top is directional, please SAFETY PIN a post-it note letting me know which way is UP.  Same for any directional backing.

2.  Press the top with seams to one side if possible.  Be careful with borders.  Make sure those seams are laying to one side consistently across/down the quilt. 

3.  Please square up your quilt top.  Lay it flat and check that there is no fullness in the borders.  You'll be able to see where the fullness is coming from.  Correct that border by removing and reseaming.

4.  REMOVE PINS THAT WERE NOT REMOVED DURING SEWING.  Nothing like a straight pin sticking you from inside your quilt!

5.  If your outside edges seem to be coming apart, please resew those seams.  A loose outside seam will make for a wonky edge.  Check ALL seams for needed repairs.

6.  Trim those loose threads from quilt top.

7.  Wait for quilting to be completed before addition of beads/buttons/etc.

8.  Do not use the selvedge of fabric as part of your backing seam.  Cut the selvedge off first before piecing your backing. 

9.  If possible, piece the backing so that the seam is horizontal.  This is not a MUST ... just a "If you can, please."

10.  Backing and batting must be at least 4" - 8" wider on all sides of the quilt top.  The more you can provide the better.  

11.  Please check out those blocks.  Are they laying flat?  Or are they the proverbial "D-cups"?  Please consider fixing those tents!

12.  The best advice I was ever given while piecing a top was to SQUARE EACH BLOCK AS I WENT ALONG!  This one simple technique ensured that my tops laid nice and flat!