Thursday, April 9, 2015

Playing catch-up part 2

These are quilts that are here in 2015.  

the first pictures are of a pattern called By My Hand, using machine embroidery and applique.  Nice job!

These next few pictures are of Cathy's Christmas Cactus pattern.  Not Christmas-y at all, but absolutely stunning.  Love love love this quilt!

This is a vintage red background quilt that Cheryl's family member made years ago and she just "wanted it done".  I used Baptist fan on this one.

This is a Jacqueline de Jonge Curling Colors.  First picture is it being blocked and second picture is a close-up of some of the hidden blocks.  Very precise paper piecing.

It's time to play catch-up

It's been a while, hasn't it?  The last part of last year just got away from me.  

So let's play catch up ... I'm going to post some pictures of quilts that came through my studio.  We'll just start there and see how it goes.  This post is last half of 2014.