Thursday, December 12, 2013

Look where I am!

Since I've gotten into the dreaded hexies, I've been going to and ordering up stuff hexie-related.  And when I had a question, I e-mailed and talked with the paper pieces lady ... Jess ... and she asked if she could put my hexie kit in her newsletter ... so here it is ...  

and if you're into the hexie way of life, this is the place to go!

Summer in December
Do you miss those warm, sunny days sitting out at the pool?  Or spending your weekend If there's Christmas in July, it seems only fair winter would have a taste of summer. So grab your fans and start preparing your gardens with this week's sale!
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Hello Piecers,

I hope you are finding time to sew in the chaos from holiday prepping! One of the greatest aspects of English Paper Piecing is the portability. You can essentially take any project, anywhere! We have heard stories of doctors' offices and waiting rooms, train rides and car trips, even sporting events and vacations!

On vacation is EXACTLY where I plan to take mine this week as I get some Summer in December!! I usually tote around a little brown box filled with supplies but I think I need something bigger for this trip. I have seen so many of great ideas for on-the-go kits from you guys. If you need inspiration for a kit, here are a few:
Melanie from TexasFreckles
Sylvia from Dancing Bear Quilting Studio
Emily's kit
My kit for in the car!

Piecing in public is a PERFECT way to get other people addicted to our fun little hobby (insert devious chuckle here!). If you would like a few (free!) sample packs to keep on you, just give us a call! We'd be happy to send you some. I always pop a few in my kit so I can be ready to share!

Sharing is caring in our quilty-world. You may have been noticing all the beautiful projects being shared on our facebook page. Thank you to everyone who has been sending pictures. It's inspiring to see creativity at work. If you would like to share your project, just send us an email. We'd love to pass it on!

Now off to Mexico I go... Let's see how many people I can get hooked...

Piece Out,