Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doncha' just love you some Bali Pops?? and other odd items ...

 First of all, check out the INFO SITE AND YOU-TUBE FAVORITES over at the right ... over there ... I have the best you-tube of all time there, the "You Can Quilt that Out" song.  I LOVE that song!  When I'm in a tough place, I just play it and sing along ... always helps with the attitude!  Check out the other items ... you never know what you'll find.

I have been drooling over the new Bali Pops that came out last month, and decided to treat myself one Pop at a time ... so for the last month I've been picking up one here, one there ... and now I have three delicious Pops all for me! (OK, thought I had 4 of these beauties but one has wandered off somewhere ... and if you saw my studio right now you wouldn't ask why...)  What will I do with them, you ask?  Hmmmm ... do I have to DO ANYTHING with them?  LOL!  If you are a fabri-holic like me, that is such a silly question!

I covered up Max today because I needed to spend some time tidying up the studio before I really get into another big project.  I almost resent having to stay away from quilting, but I realized that I would be a candidate for the Hoarders show if I didn't spend some quality time organizing all this stuff.   Isn't is a sad picture?  Poor Max ...  btw, that's an old bed ruffle that I discarded last month, but decided to keep it as a Max cover.  Aren't I the clever girl?