Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quilts Delivered

Patsy Ruth came to visit today and I gave her Michael's quilt (Hunker Down, Dawgs!) and her Batik Squares quilt.  Michaels quilt was one of the 1600 inch quilts and it turned out awesome.  I did the good ol' Swirls on it and that design just softens up a very structured quilt like these 1600 inch quilts.  He is going to love it!  

Her Batik Squares quilt came out great.  Some of the batik squares have dragonflies on them, so I decided to go with a dragonfly pantograph.  I think I was able to get a picture of the dragonfly on the front and on the back.  I love Patsy's choice of colors for this quilt.  She has a real eye for color.  Way to go, Patsy Ruth!