Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby's Bow Wow Blankie and a Halloween Boo!

I started back to the gym this week and it feels like I've got energy to spare.  I get more done in the first 4 hours of the day than I was getting in 12 hours ... I've always known this would happen but it seems that putting on my sneakers is the hardest part of exercising ... but once I'm there and then back home, I'm a New Woman!

So I have finished these two customer quilts and they are both so cute!

First up is Jennie's Bow Wow Blankie ... 4 little dachshunds all around the quilt with hearts in the middle.  Isn't it cute?

The second quilt is a fun Halloween quilt that Catherine pieced for someone who loves Halloween candy ... and spiders ... and spiderwebs ... and ... BOO!  It was a lot of fun once I figured out that spiders and spiderwebs needed to grace those jars of candy.    And by the way, I'm blaming the poor pictures on our weather.  It was 21 deg F outside this morning.  This is Georgia, for goodness sake ... not Minnesota!   No way am I going out in that frigid air to take pictures!  Click on the picture and you can see close up all the pretty webs and their inhabitants.