Friday, September 16, 2011

Gotta start somewhere

I'm being encouraged to start a blog (thanks, Tina!  Coast-to-Coat wave!!) so here goes.

Daughter Emily is visiting and she fell in love with minkee at our LQS.  So she has been constructing "Mr. Minkee".  

As she says:  "I LOVE Mr. Minkee!!"

Now let's talk about Minkee fur!  Good grief!  We're breathing it, we're eating it!  It is EVERYWHERE!  Her last task will be taking the vacuum cleaner and sucking that fur up!  Minkee is not for the faint of heart or someone with OCD.  It will take weeks to get rid of the Minkee Mist around here.

We have had a great time quilting together so I'm guessing that this is as good a first blog as any.  Having someone to share your passion with is great!  What a tremendous gift she has given me by visiting this past week.

And while she is here we are finishing up her 2-Color quilt that she started piecing about 5 years ago.  She finally got the sashings and borders on and we put it on Max the Millennium machine.  We have swapped out doing the quilting but since she's so involved with Mr. Minkee I'll finish up quilting the Baptist Fans on it.  She did a great job!  Good going, kiddo!

The thing about the Baptist Fan design is that the 'fans' are truly directional.  They should be rounded at the top of the quilt, so if you have a directional top you need to be sure that the BF's are going in the right direction.  Emily's 2-Color quilt top is not directional; however, her BACKING is!  So we had to be careful that we loaded the backing backwards.  She has a beautiful toile back.  More pics later.