Friday, December 2, 2011

A Thimbleberries Beauty

Cathy got back her Thimbleberries beauty today so I get to post pictures.  This is a huge quilt!  Somebody's gonna be real happy Christmas morning!!  I did a swirl and leaf on this one.  The fabric is such that quilting doesn't really show up plus I chose a green thread for the top (which really blended...) and a gold thread for the back.  You can do that, right?  Different threads top and bottom?  LOL!!  No quilt police around my house, that's for sure!

 The quilt is so big that it doesn't fit my hallway bannister.

This is the backing.


Dear Santa, I can explain everything ...

Have you talked with Santa yet?  I did!  And all I want for Christmas is ... wait for it ... a Wacom Intuos4 tablet so I can draw potential quilting patterns on quilts before I get them on Max and then totally wig out with "What do I do now???"  

Carla Barrett at is giving a class in January called Quilt Whisperer and a class in February called Tablet Design.  I can't wait!!

Mosey over to Carla's site and take a look.

Thanks, Carla!

Inquiring minds want to know .... about thread storage

Inquiring minds have been asking about my thread storage, so here are some pictures.  Mr. Dancing Bear made these for me right after I got Max, and it seems that no sooner did he get them finished and up on the wall that I filled almost every dowel with a thread!  You'll even see some that are upside down ... those are my "second" cones.  Sometimes I buy 2 cones of the same color - one for the top and one for the bobbin.  Just depends on how much I'm ordering and the size of my pocketbook!

As I'm looking at these pictures I realize that they were taken some time ago.  After I run some errands today, I'll take some newer ones and post them.