Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finished Quilts

Here are some quilts that have found their way home recently.  Enjoy!

 This one is a quilt of fairies and Frosted Fairy fabric!  Love these big blocks and how Cathy styled it from light at the top to dark at the bottom.  For a sweet granddaughter who helped plan the project.  Great job, ladies!
 This is a Floral Sampler and it is big!  The fabrics are based on a rose theme, so I chose Ribbon Rose for the quilting.  On it's way to NY!  Great job, Alethea!

 And this is Eleanor's Lone Star.  Another big quilt.  We decided to quilt a simple panto and I think it worked out beautifully.  Super job, Eleanor!

The next two are Little Monsters quilts, for two grandsons.  Easy peasy but oh-so-cute!  Robbie didn't want a whole lot of quilting so I used the Little Monster panto but made it big and spacious.  Great quilts for two little boys.

I pieced this Bento Box last year and after working on a lot of custom quilts recently,  I decided to treat myself to a simple panto.  This is for our Stitchin' Sallies group.  And it is done!  Woo woo!  Love doing something simple but cute ....

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Almond Country Beauty!

This Almond Country Beauty was a BOM at Intown Quilters last year and it's the second one I've quilted.  Friend Wanda taught the class and I quilted hers.  Thankfully she doesn't mind if the ones that follow resemble hers ... not much you can do with those spikey thingies.  But I did manage to throw in some unique-ness.

It's not a large quilt but it sure takes time to quilt.  Plus I'm not one to stand for hours on end quilting ... I take plenty of breaks, read email, catch up on far-away daughters, talk to hubby quite a bit, and there's always the time consuming "let the cat in...let the cat out...wait, she wants to come in again ..."  Life's finest moments ...