Saturday, August 18, 2012

Did you think I'd fallen off the ends of the earth?

It's been a while, but I'm here.  It's been a busy time around here.  I had my Spanish daughter here visiting for about a week and a half and when she makes it home once a year, I'm all hers!  We didn't plan any big outings ... she mainly just wanted to be at home, chilling out ... but we managed a few shopping sprees ... wheee!!!  She caught the shoe-bug from me ... we both LOVE shoes!   And off point here, but we both believe that the shoe makers have changed their shoe sizes.  Both of us had to go up 1/2 size in ALL shoes that we purchased.  And I purchased the same brand that I've got in my closet and still had to go up that 1/2 size.  What is this all about?!!  And of course the cutest shoes we bought were ... do you remember the late 80's ... JELLIES!  Yes, I'm telling you!  JELLIES!  Cutest little shoe in America!  Maybe I'll get a picture of them and post here soon ... believe me, cute cute cute cute cute!  

I did manage to get a couple of quilts done while she was here, and here's the pictures of Elisa's Memory Wall-Hanging that she made to celebrate a friends 80th birthday.  The woman is gorgeous and the pictures are absolutely charming.  

She wanted feathers incorporated in the wall-hanging and then I added some hearts to carry out the Heart theme she had going on.  

Because this is a wall-hanging I used two layers of batting ... QD 70/30 blend on the bottom and QD Wool on the top.  It really makes those pictures pop and the quilting is accentuated.  I used cream Magna-Glide thread on the light portion and changed to red Magna-Glide on the red squares ... cream in the bobbin on both.  

Happy 80th birthday!