Friday, March 2, 2012

Can it really be Christmas already?

I've been singing Christmas carols this week!  LOL!  Don't you just love being your own boss and being able to sing as you waltz with your long-arm machine?  Max and I had a great time quilting Joanne's and her friend's two Christmas quilts!  Those quilts are twins ... and being that I have twin daughters (Hi Em!  Hi Liz!)  this task was really a fun task.  

Joanne told me that she and her friend wouldn't mind if the quilts were quilted the same, but I decided (and don't you love that YOU get to make a few decision?) that these two sweet quilts deserved their own individual quilting.  

So on Quilt #1, which is Joann's, I used the Swinging on a Star pantograph.  BTW, working with Patricia Ritter out of Urban Elementz ( where I get my pantographs is a real joy.  Thanks, Patricia, for answering all my questions and helping me make good quilting decisions!  Ok, so Swinging on a Star was used on Joanne's quilt ... and on her friend's quilt I used Winter Wonderland #1.  On both quilts I used Magna-Glide thread from  That Glide thread is so good.  And on these sparkly quilts the sheen of the Glide thread is over-the-moon!   And both quilts look fabulous!  What a great time I had!

Thanks, Joanne, for letting me play with these two sweet quilts.  Good job piecing, both of you.  Makes my job soooooo much easier when the piecing is so good.

So here they are: