Monday, September 30, 2013

So content ... or should that be Sew Content?

First of all, big news!   I just celebrated my 10th year in remission!!!  September 27th is my celebration date.  Ten years!  WOW!  I remember looking at my husband 10 years ago and saying, "One of these days we'll look back on this time and know why this is happening."   And yes, indeed, we have looked back on that span of time and marveled at how gracious God can be!  I'm truly blessed in more ways than one!

Sooooo ....  Max is not feeling well and we are waiting for a part to be delivered.  

And while waiting for that part, I've been busy doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  

So some pictures of a little kit I made.  

So here we go ... it's kit time!  Thanks for the idea, Tina!

 Cutest little kit ever!  Most of it is hand-stitched.  

OMG!  Wait!  Wait!   Are those hexies???  Good grief ...  
 See that 'flower' shape to the left ... that flips over to the front and snaps onto the right-hand-side flower.

The 'top' flower is flipped to the back in this picture.  Several pockets to hold scissors, marking pens, glue, whatever ... and then the little tins have blue pin cushion, green needle catcher, and a 2nd tin to hold whatever else you need.  Just too cool!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some more eye candy ...

Here are some more pics of quilts I've done lately.  Enjoy!

 It's getting to be that time of year again!
This is a cute Christmas panel ... it's nice to be able to take a panel and make it into a wonderful quilt or wall-hanging!  Good job!
And this is Swoon ... aptly named, isn't it?

 And here's a great Peacock panel surrounded by large blocks of beautiful jewel tone colors.  I like this one!

Friday, September 27, 2013

What's Old is New again ...

Have you been bitten by the "Hexie" craze?  Well, I have (and we won't say another word about THAT) ... but I got to work on a REAL hexie quilt!  What a beauty!

I recently had the pleasure of helping restore a somewhat vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt ... member's of Debbie's family have been working on this since the 1960's!  And it turns out it's 100"x80" ... that is a whole lotta hexies!

Debbie brought this beauty to me and asked if I could make it whole.  She had a list of names of women who had worked on this top over the years.  And for as many hands that have touched this quilt top, it is in marvelous shape.  

The top is completely hand-stitched and hand-quilted, so my job was not to quilt the top, but to bring it all together into a real quilt.

Evidently the plan had been to take a large sheet and cover it with the gorgeous flowers ... because upon examination I discovered that the flowers did cover the sheet but in some places actually over-ran the sheet.  Hmmm ... I didn't want to take off those flowers that over-ran the sheet, so I found some muslin that matched the sheet.  I sewed a strip of that to the backing and then layered in some thin batting to make it just like the rest of the top.  

And then came the binding ... aaarrrggghhh ... talked with customer and explained that I just couldn't do each and every hexie with binding ... how long would that take and how much $$$ would you want to spend?  So we decided to just trim down the hexies on the side ... we still got that zig-zag effect, not just with every single side hexie.  I found a look-alike fabric for the binding and voila!  We're in business.  

Once the binding was done, I went around the edges and hand-quilted places next to the binding that hadn't been hand-quilted by the ladies through the years.  

And shame on me for not taking pictures, but I made two pillow cases - each with one of the Flowers appliqued on the case.    Pretty pretty pretty!

So, Debbie, thanks for the opportunity and what a gift for your daughter!

Yea!!!  Debbie sent me this pic of one of the pillow cases.  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I thought I'd found it ... turned around and it was gone again ...

Geez, May huh?  What the heck happened?   You turn around once or twice and suddenly 45 months have flown by.  

I'm just going to post some pics just to prove that I have been working and not necessarily slacking off ... but since quilting isn't really working-working to me, I've just been having a lot of fun.  

So here goes ...

 This is a modern quilt made with traditional fabrics and I think it looks fabulous!  
 A beautiful quilt for someone's niece!
 I love this take on a traditional quilt.  Love all that white!  Stunning!

Cathy did a great job on this one.  I think she actually transposed the lights and darks which gave it this wonderful artsy look.  

A peek-a-boo baby quilt.  I had to dodge those cutie-patootie flaps.  Cutest baby quilt in America!

I am so blessed to have piecers who are so talented.  This quilt was absolutely spot-on ... not a wiggle to it.  Great job!

This is my own private pile of joy!  I'm in the midst of a Kaffe Fassett quilt using these shot cottons.  LOVE LOVE LOVE working with these beautiful soft cottons.  More to come later ... 
   Isn't this yummy?  Love that yellow!
Beautiful modern-type quilt that is going on someone's bed!  Love the colors and the pattern.

Modern modern modern ... and oh-so-pretty!  Great job, PR!
 And here's her long worked-on red quilt.  Lots and lots of different reds and it all came together beautifully!  My colors!  Another beautiful quilt by PR!

The next two are huge quilts but oh so pretty!  Another perfect piecer which makes my job a bit easier!

Love the teals and browns!  Lovely quilt!
 Twelve months of Snoopy!!!  What a fun fun quilt for someone!
 The next two are Comfort quilts and they are so lovely.  Thanks to Stitchin' Sallies!

And here's the University of GA quilt I made and donated to our local Kiwanis Club to be auctioned off during their annual Golf Tournament.  It found a wonderful UofG home!