Sunday, June 1, 2014

Safety First ... almost ...

It's not the loveliest of a foot, but it's mine and guess what those two band-aids cover?  Yep, I was at my cutting board and I have a lot of tools hanging on pegs on a pegboard in front of the table.  I knocked down a rotary cutter and it sliced the top of my foot.  Now before you start retching, know that I use the dark blue KAI rotary cutters which only cut when pressure is put on the cutter.  Well, my foot was a bit of pressure and the blade sliced through about 2 layers of epidermis.  Enough to bleed a bit, but not enough to send me in a panic to the ER.  Sooooo ... from now on, even these cutters will be in LOCKED mode when not in use.  But this certainly could have been a lot worse if I had been using a Olfa and left the blade open... ouch ...

So here are some quilts that are now finished.

Several people I know are making this pattern but darn if I can remember what it is called.  I like the dark-up, light-up configuration on this one.

This quilt is pieced by same person - Joann - that did the one above.  This is called Tic Tac Moe and is for her daughter.  I did a panto called Love Grass on this one.  

And Marti pieced this one.  I love the stripe configuration in this.  Very cute and very fresh.  I think this panto is Floret.  Looks pretty, doesn't it?

And below is a close-up of the Pink Striped quilt.  Too cute!