My quilting is done on an APQS Millennium quilting machine in a smoke-free and animal-free environment.  I have a 14’ table making it easy to accommodate large king-size quilts (up to 150” wide).  I specialize in pantographs - I have a large selection to choose from -  and in custom quilting.  I do not "meander" quilt; there are so many beautiful designs to utilize instead.  I will use whatever tools necessary (pantograph, stencils, rulers, etc.) to enhance your quilt top.  My job is to ensure that the quilting does not overwhelm the beauty of your pieced top.

My pricing is by the square inch, determined by the type of quilting you desire, edge-to-edge, mild custom, medium custom, or heavy custom.  I do not charge an extra fee for thread … thread cost is included in the per-square-inch charge. 

There is a minimum charge of $60.00. 

 I spend a lot of time practicing, whether drawing on paper, drawing on whiteboard, or actually quilting on a practice piece.  I will not 'practice' on your quilt.
Multiple table runners can be loaded onto pieced backings making it more cost effective for you and easier for me to load.  If I load one table runner the cost will be minimum $60.00, regardless of size.
Other costs COULD include Quilt Prep which is $25.00 per hour.  This charge covers any prepping of the quilt top such as excessive resquaring of the top/backing,  pressing, restitching seams, piecing backs, mitering corners, pet hair removal, etc.  

**QUILT SIZE Pantograph (E2E) Light Custom Heavy Custom
CRIB 45" x 60" $68.00 $81.00 $108.00
TWIN 72" x 90" $162.00 $195.00 $260.00
81" x 96" $195.00 $234.00 $312.00
QUEEN 90" x 108" $243.00 $292.00 $389.00
KING 120" x 120" $360.00 $432.00 $576.00

**Measurements from The Quilter's Pocket Reference" by Peggy Scholley.


There are also several discounts available:  New Customer, Referral of Customer, 6th Quilt Discount, etc. 



 BINDING SERVICES are offered.  Cost is as follows:


81" x 96"
Customer-made binding stitched to front $0.06


dbqs bias binding made & stitched to front $0.12


Binding stitched to front and hand-stitched to back $0.25



I use Hobb's 80/20, Quilters Dream 70/30, QD Wool,  and Quilters Dream Puff.  They are available for you to use in your quilts.  They are on rolls which makes it easier to lay out on a backing.  

If you chose to bring your own batting, please be aware that there are some battings on the market which do not do well with a long-arm machine.  Also take into consideration how you are going to use your quilt:  bed, wall hanging, show ... this uses help determine what batting is best.  Let's talk and decide which batting is best for you.

If your batting is bagged, please remove from bag the day before delivery, and run it in the dryer to eliminate as many of the folds as possible.  Fold gently and drape over a hanger before delivery.