Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spots before my eyes

I recently started a quilt (for myself, no less!) that called for a black and white polka dot fabric.  I have some of that ... yes, indeedy  ... well, I used up my favorite B&W polka dot so I had to replenish that supply.  The problem is, I really really really like that particular polka dot.  Found some on the internet (thank goodness for those informational selvages!) and ordered a bunch.  I was relating this whole scenario to husband and I then decided to show him WHY I had to order that beautiful B&W Polka Dot.  I dragged him to my Black fabric mesh drawer, and pulled out 7 - COUNT THEM - 7!!!! - different B&W Polka Dot fabrics ... and explained to him that 6 of those beauties just wouldn't work for this particular quilt ... he just smiled, patted my head, muttered something about compulsive behavior, and walked away ...

So here's the pile of 7 polka dot fabrics.  The one on the far left is the one I love the most.   Don't ask ... it is compulsive behavior, but then again, you knew that, right?

Notice how nice and neat these fabrics are?  I'm so proud ... I finally organized all my fabrics 2 Christmas's ago.  I took each piece of yardage, measured it, made a little tag, wrapped the yardage around a Comic Book Board (8.5" x 11"), and pinned tag onto the fabric - see that orange thingy on the left.  That's the tag.  Anyway, I can pull a piece of fabric and tell if I have enough for whatever project I'm working on.  I tag leftover batting pieces in the same way (don't wrap them around board, just tag) and this has saved me huge amounts of time trying to figure out if a piece of batting will work on my small projects.  Can you hear me patting myself on the back?

And here's the quilt I used that fabulous fabric for borders ...   friend Tina has been telling me about this "Easy Peasy" quilt pattern called "5 One-Yard Cuts" pattern for at least 4 years.  Whenever she is in town we go fabric store visiting and I'm always finding myself buying 5 1-yard cuts of fabrics (like I couldn't just go to my stash and find it!) and swearing to her that I will do one of these quilts.  So now I have about 4 different "kits" lined up.  I pulled this one out last week and started on it after finishing a customer quilt.  And honestly, it's as easy as my old standby Yellow Brick Road.  Done and done, except for the quilting - which may take a while to get to.  At least the top is now done.