Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We think Spring has finally arrived ...

but then again, who knows?  

We have this lovely screened porch and we were able to have dinner on the porch for the first time this past week!  Wheeee ... Spring has Sprung!  And pollen has become the Georgia state irritant ... aaacchhhoooo !!!

I don't have fabulous pictures of the outside flowers and such ... I'm such a mole ... I spend 90% of my time in the studio quilting away, so instead of pictures of flowers I'll share some pictures of quilts!

So here goes ...

 This is Vintage Rouge.  Pieced to perfection, making my job easierl  This is hand-guided using templates and rulers.  Dare I say it?  It was fun!  Once I decided what to do where it went along nicely.  Good job, Debra!

I took full-length pics (see below)  but camera was not cooperating, so that picture is a bit blurry ... I call it my Robert Redford picture ... looks like camera-man smeared vasoline over the lens to 'soften' those old old lines!!!!  

I used Magna-Glide thread on top and a Delights bobbin and it went so smoothly.  Love that Magna-Glide thread!  

This one is Blessings of Spring, which is/was a BOM. Wanda does fabulous applique and I had a great time playing with this one.    Again, I used a Magna-Glide thread on top with Delights bobbin.  I get such great tension with my machine that I don't worry about having to match top and bottom thread.  I will use two different colors knowing that I'm not going to have tension issues with my machine.  Love my machine!!

This quilt is now hanging in Tiny Stitches - they are doing this as a BOM this year and didn't have the sample ready so Wanda agreed that they could hang this one (sans binding) for a while in order to show how beautiful this  BOM is going to be.  Congratulations, Wanda!  I love love this quilt!

Every so often you get a customer that just sews up the most adorable quilt tops and Cathy is one of those special people.  She did this Beach Theme quilt for a soon-to-be-here grandbaby!  It is adorable!  I played with it and just kept it simple and trying not to step on her beautiful appliques.

And this is a double-knit top that was pieced by someone's grandma ... and customer wanted it finished to actually put on a bed.  So I added the borders and then put that bad boy on the machine and Swirled it!  It's true, double-knit will grow and grow ... you have to corral that stuff so that you don't get those overly-friendly borders.  This one took a long time to do because of having to find cotton fabric that went with that 60's polyester.  And then all that cotton fabric had to be washed (including the backing) before sewing.  I'm glad she sent me the picture ... I love seeing pictures of where the quilts I've touched are finally resting ... 
 And this is a University of Georgia quilt that I'm donating to a local group for auction.  Benefits will go to benefit local Children's organizations.  I have put a reserve price on this quilt ... if it doesn't auction successfully, I know several people who will purchase. I'm in the middle of Dawg country, y'know!!!!

 So that's about it!  I've been busy!  There are other quilts done and gone but this is enough for now.  

Happy Spring, y'all!