Friday, November 18, 2011

Looky looky looky what I got!

 Oh, my!  I am such a geek!  I got this Kindle Fire for my birthday and it just arrived yesterday ... and already I love it!  We sat and watched an old British 1-hour drama last night.  The picture is absolutely beautiful.  And I'm able to get my e-mail on this ... and I'm able to watch all those quilting you-tubes that are so instructive!  And ... wait for it ... I'm actually able to read all the Icelandic murder mysteries that I love!  I didn't think I would use all those other 'things' other than reading a book, but let me tell you, this is great!  And yes, I will play a game of Angry Birds every now and then!  Love this Fire!

So it's back to work today.  I've missed a couple of days of quilting because life just works that way sometimes.  I took an applique class and really liked it (there's another UFO to add to my stack!).  It's been a very busy week with a lot of running around.  So it's back to Max and getting the quilts that are waiting to be Christmas presents out the door.