Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A New Project

For some time now I've resisted starting any "in-depth" project ... unlike most of you (I imagine a LOT of you start a project and finish it before the new one comes along...right?) I have more than several unfinished projects that I really need to just pull up my big girl panties and JUST FINISH!  So when someone says, "Here's a cute project we can do" ... I usually pretend I'm deaf and change the subject.

But then along came friend Tina ... last May ... showing me this Beatle Bag.  I resisted doing one then ... and then, again, along came friend Tina last week telling me she was doing another one ... oh good grief... so I bit.  I had the pattern ... I think I can find two fat quarters around here somewhere ... 5/8 yard of another fabric isn't hard to come by ... 

It is the smartest project bag I've seen in a long time and now that I've done one I know where the pitfalls are, and can actually see getting one done in a day or a day + 1/2 day.  Time is my enemy ... I just don't have a spare week to work on any new project so this bag is perfect for my Saturday/Sunday free time.  The pattern comes with the inserts - a set of 4, giving you 8 separate zippered plastic holders.  If one were to do more than one bag, the inserts are available by themselves.  How smart is that?  How many will YOU make?  LOL!

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  1. These are a lot of fun to make and to use.


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