I will build a quilt from scratch if that is what you are looking for.  

T-shirt quilts can be priced at an initial consultation, depending on number of t-shirts, size, extra blocks, borders, backing, fabric purchase, and type of quilting.  These are wonderful memory quilts but do take time to make.  Usually a t-shirt quilt takes about 8-12 weeks.  Often they can be done sooner, but I can't guarantee a short turn-around on these quilts.  A deposit is required when the t-shirts are dropped off at my studio.  Remember that you are making/purchasing a memory and they require designing, purchasing fabric, and labor in order to come together as a beautiful T-shirt quilt.

If you are not a piecer and just want a particular quilt made and quilted, this can be done also.  Same idea as the T-Shirt quilt.  Consultation is a must and you will be in the decision making process as much or as little as you want.  A deposit will be required once a design is determined and the project has been priced.  

This is considered a true custom quilt so assume an 8-12 week delay.  If it can be accomplished in a shorter time, it will be done.

 Any questions, please let me know.

 This is my customer's daughter with her fast-pitch softball quilt that her mom gave her for graduation.  She loved it!  The back - which I don't have a picture - is white with lime green, her favorite color.