Sunday, May 18, 2014

We've got some catchin' up to do ...

In no particular order, here are some quilts that got away ...

Don't adjust your screen .. this is a black and white with a bit of red.  This was a HUGE quilt made for a returning son from Afganistan.  What a great mom to make this for a very deserving young man!  
I love this quilt!  Anne calls it Fruit Mary's Quilt ... go up close and get a view of the 'ladies' ... just too darn cute!
 This is one I had fun with using a Jelly Roll and then mashing the blocks all together.  This one went to my church group ... we make Comfort Quilts for our congregation families in need.
This is Terri's and since it has that Asian influence I used a panto called Kyoto Fans.  Very nice quilt.
 A cutie-patootie kids quilt.  
 I made this I-Spy and Match Game quilt for my hair stylist's 3rd little boy, born in March!  She has pulled my hair out of the "fire" so many times ... and we've been together for almost 10 years.  Got to love those wonderful hair specialists!
 This is Pam's Saturday Sampler.  What a great job she did and I found the perfect pattern to echo  that wonderful Fleur-de-Lis pattern that is in the border.  I had fun with this one.