Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A New Project

For some time now I've resisted starting any "in-depth" project ... unlike most of you (I imagine a LOT of you start a project and finish it before the new one comes along...right?) I have more than several unfinished projects that I really need to just pull up my big girl panties and JUST FINISH!  So when someone says, "Here's a cute project we can do" ... I usually pretend I'm deaf and change the subject.

But then along came friend Tina ... last May ... showing me this Beatle Bag.  I resisted doing one then ... and then, again, along came friend Tina last week telling me she was doing another one ... oh good grief... so I bit.  I had the pattern ... I think I can find two fat quarters around here somewhere ... 5/8 yard of another fabric isn't hard to come by ... 

It is the smartest project bag I've seen in a long time and now that I've done one I know where the pitfalls are, and can actually see getting one done in a day or a day + 1/2 day.  Time is my enemy ... I just don't have a spare week to work on any new project so this bag is perfect for my Saturday/Sunday free time.  The pattern comes with the inserts - a set of 4, giving you 8 separate zippered plastic holders.  If one were to do more than one bag, the inserts are available by themselves.  How smart is that?  How many will YOU make?  LOL!

Great news! Quilts found!

Sally Wright's quilts (and others) found!

So glad that these quilts were located.  The owners spent a few anxious days wondering if their quilts would be found...