Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Road to California

Oh, this is just too much!  My friend Tina who lives in the San Diego area and my friend Pam who is from New York are BOTH going to Road to California quilt show in Ontario, CA!  And hopefully they will meet up and the circle will be complete!  And I'm the missing link!!  Isn't that just too cool?  It's almost as good as ME being there ... yeah, I wish!  

Pam is in San Diego visiting her family and I called her a couple of days ago and asked her if she was going to take the opportunity to go to Road to CA, and told her about Tina's home quilt store Country Loft, which is in La Mesa.  She has taken time out to visit Country Loft and while there she talked with Tina's friend and co-worker, Colleen ... Hi, Colleen!  One of these days I'll be visiting Country Loft myself.  Sigh ...   And I think Pam is planning a trip to Road to CA.  Have a great time, Pam!  Take lots of pictures!

I'm busy working customer quilts so the blog has been silent for a while.  Plus I got into watching the pregnant bear Jewel who was SUPPOSE to have her cub(s) on Sunday ... well, we're still watching and waiting!  It can be fasinating but also boring ... almost like watching grass grow.  But any day now, we'll hear the squeals of baby bear cubs!  

Here's the site: 

And I also added to the Places I Like to Visit on the right ... over there ... yeah, there it is!

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  1. Hi Syliva -- Yesterday was so much fun! Your friend Pam was delightful. We had a good time chatting, and I passed on her number and email to Tina. I hope they can hook up. Then I went back to your blog and looked at Pam's quilts -- be-a-u-ti-ful! I look forward to meeting you one day ... what fun!!


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