Friday, January 13, 2012

The New Man in my Life

Ok, now that I have your attention ... LOL!

I requested a certain cookbook for Christmas and one of my daughters delivered!  It's Emeril Lagasse's Sizzling Skillets.   Lots of Big Pot meals, Skillet meals, Crock-Pot meals, and Wok meals.

I should explain.  Mr. Dancing Bear does a wonderful job keeping me nourished while I'm slaving away over a sewing machine or a quilting machine.  He does such a good job that for a while I didn't cook at all ... nada ...  And during the summer I really am not interested in cooking.  So Mr. Dancing Bear does it all.  Now that winter is here, it's a different story!  I love good ol' fashion comfort food ... I love one-pot and crock-pot cooking.  There's nothing better than getting up early in the morning, firing up the crock-pot, and then settling down for about 8 hours of quilting, knowing that a delicious meal will meet me at the end of the day.  So when I saw this cookbook I knew that I wanted it for Christmas ... and let me tell you, it is WONDERFUL!  We had the crock-pot pork loin with fruit last night and tonight we're having the Chicken in a Pot (picture below).  Doesn't it look scrumptious??  And I have finally figured out that the scrumptious-ness is in the seasonings.  I have used Emeril's Essence for several years now and it does make a difference ... can be found in the seasonings dept of your grocery.

So, back I go to quilting ... there's Chicken in a Pot upstairs, simmering away ... and I'm a happy Dancing Bear!  And on Sunday maybe we'll have the Mushroom and Fall Squash Barley Risotto.  Yum!!


  1. Can I come to dinner at your house tonight???

  2. Sure! Come on ahead! Dinner will be served around 6:30pm ... doesn't it look delicious? I am so hungry already!

  3. boy, my clock on this thing is so off!

  4. I will have to get this book. We do a lot of crock pot cooking in the Motor Home.
    We are leaving tomorrow morning for Ontario for the big quilt show Road to California. Can hardly wait. Maybe we will stop at Barnes and Noble for the cook book.


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