Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sometimes it's just about the right tools ...

Sometimes it's just about the right tools ... 

Currently I'm working with the Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons and this fabric is absolutely wonderful to play with IF you treat it with respect and use the right tools.  So as I'm working with this I'm thinking about how much I really love some of my basic tools that make playing with this fabric a joy.   Below is a pic of my most POWERFUL TOOLS that make me feel like Super Woman!

Like Magic Sizing.  A spritz of this and the Shot Cottons behave.  I also have Best Press but I've found that it really doesn't do too much.  I was expecting a little stiffness when I use Best Press but it just doesn't happen.   And I won't use regular spray starch because of the residue that starch leaves behind.

Now if you really want to have a POWER rush, grab those green-handled batting scissors!  I can glide through layers of batting without that pesky 'grabbing of batting' at the tips of the scissors.  Love love love these scissors!

Those blue-handled scissors?  Those are Karen Kay Buckley middle size scissors and those stay right by my sewing machines.  Sharp serrated scissors that just feel good in my hand.   I hate having scissors that my fingers get stuck in the handles ... 

That big cone of thread?  When piecing I usually only use one of 3 colors - beige, grey, and black; however, I added this chocolate color and have found that it goes with a lot of my fabrics.  And with these KF Shot Cottons it blends beautifully.  And buying the large cone is cheaper!  

My favorite rotary is the blue KAI rotary cutter.  The blade is never exposed.  When unlocked, the blade will glide through fabric when you apply pressure.  I never have to worry about having an exposed blade, falling rotary cutter cutting my foot, etc., etc.  Just a big safety issue.

See that leather thimble?  I have about 6 of those scattered about the house.  One with my hand-sewing in the family room, one in my tool chest, one with my applique get the picture.  I have found that this leather thimble can be my best friend.  
Another power tool is that blue tin of Iris pins.  Look closely and you'll see 3 of the pins next to the tin.  These are sharp pins that have worked so well with my latest piecing projects.  I started using them with a paper piecing project and then used them with the KF fabrics.  So nice and thin and long.  Love them!

And my latest find is that Beba's Rotating Cutting Mat.  I found them at the local quilt show a couple of weeks ago.  I got this large one and the smaller one.  I use the larger one on top of my cutting table.  I was afraid it would get in the way, but it's been a real Power tool.  I can cut pieces on this board and it doesn't 'rock' or become unbalanced when cutting and rotating.

So that's how I feel like Super Woman when I start cutting fabric for a new project,  sit down to piece, or cutting batting for a large quilt.  

Super Woman had her tools and we have ours too!  

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