Monday, September 30, 2013

So content ... or should that be Sew Content?

First of all, big news!   I just celebrated my 10th year in remission!!!  September 27th is my celebration date.  Ten years!  WOW!  I remember looking at my husband 10 years ago and saying, "One of these days we'll look back on this time and know why this is happening."   And yes, indeed, we have looked back on that span of time and marveled at how gracious God can be!  I'm truly blessed in more ways than one!

Sooooo ....  Max is not feeling well and we are waiting for a part to be delivered.  

And while waiting for that part, I've been busy doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  

So some pictures of a little kit I made.  

So here we go ... it's kit time!  Thanks for the idea, Tina!

 Cutest little kit ever!  Most of it is hand-stitched.  

OMG!  Wait!  Wait!   Are those hexies???  Good grief ...  
 See that 'flower' shape to the left ... that flips over to the front and snaps onto the right-hand-side flower.

The 'top' flower is flipped to the back in this picture.  Several pockets to hold scissors, marking pens, glue, whatever ... and then the little tins have blue pin cushion, green needle catcher, and a 2nd tin to hold whatever else you need.  Just too cool!


  1. I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. You finished yours before I did!

  2. LOL! this is probably the ONLY time I've finished something before you did! Loved your visit! Miss my buddy ... Sylvia

  3. Happy 10 year Thriver Anniversary!!! XOXOXO Beth Liotta


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