Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Have you seen the other half of my brain?

Geez, I'm just in one of those funny moods.  I decided to take the afternoon off and just do something for myself.

I have collected a bunch of Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons and the Striped Cottons and I just couldn't hold back - I had to get to them, play with them, and start cutting them up.  Picture below ... 

I just wrote a friend that I'm sometimes not sure what it is about 'quilting' that I like because:

          1.  Picking out fabric can be a real PITA, so a lot of times I just go for the cute fat quarter bundles.  And then again, once I find the zone, I can pick out fabrics with the best of you ...

          2.  Ironing the fabric and then cutting the fabric can be tedious.  It has taken me most of the afternoon to just complete one set of cutting directions for this beautiful quilt that I want to piece, just for me ... I'm tired ...

         3.  And reading directions can be a real downer ... do what?  Where?  How the heck do I get that piece to go with that piece?  Criminy ... sometimes I just want to skip over Steps 3 and 4 and get on with Step 5, which always looks more interesting than step 3 ... but I learned early on that the directions are there for a reason ... 

        4.  Making 280 flying geese, or 4-patches, or _______ (fill in the blank - you know what I'm sayng)  is not a challenge (are you listening, Bonnie K. Hunter???), it's a punishment!  I can make flying geese, I can count flying geese, but I guarantee you that at the end of the day I'LL BE SHORT 42 FLYING GEESE!  I've actually accused DH of taking my flying geese ... what the heck would he need 42 flying geese for?  

       5.  Not being Queen of Quilting can be liberating ... I can make up my own rules. 

So what is it about 'quilting' that I like ... the finished product, silly! I have to admit that the journey getting there means a lot to me, even as tedious and as nerve-wracking as that journey can be.   But once I finish the binding and hold that quilt up for inspection I am one pleased piecer!  

Quilting for others is wonderful - I totally love it - however, it means that I don't get to do the "piecing for myself" thing a lot.  And I guess I've been missing that the past couple of days.  

So here's part of my Kaffe Fassett collection ... love those soft pastels ... and the stripes are beautiful!  Can't wait to start putting this one together!  Don't hold your breath, though ... my piecing is SLOW!!!  

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