Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another one to drool over ...

Here's another beauty from Joanne ...  didn't she do a great job piecing?  Quilting it was like knife through soft butter ... so smooth!

You have to click on the pic to get a close-up view.  I used a beautiful pantograph that hopefully replicated those beautiful swirls in the fabric.  And I want to call this a Moda quilt ... it is Moda fabric, isn't it?

So on to the next project!

Oh, I finally decided on what I'm going to do border-wise on my Easy Street quilt.  I absolutely LOVE living in this age of technology ... I went to my two fav fabric stores looking for a particular fabric and didn't find it, so came home and found in on the internet.  I like spending my fabric $$$ locally, but I also knew that I really really wanted this particular fabric.  So glad I finally found it!   So I'm waiting for this fabric to be delivered, and then I'll finish up the borders, and maybe in February I'll be able to get it on Max for quilting.  "The cobbler's children have no shoes ..."  and "The quilters quilts seldom get quilted ..."  LOL!  But we'll work it in somehow.  

And next up is the Cowboy quilt that I finished piecing this past fall, while Max was off for his spa treatment.  So maybe the quilter does get some quilts quilted after all!  This one is about 1 year old.  It's a big ol' cowboy quilt and I started it in Panama City in January 2012 ... I'm slow ... reaaaaaallll slow ...


  1. Sylvia - LOVE the quilting! Yes, this is Moda fabric - it is a French General line.
    Did you notice where I had to piece the sashing?

    Thanks again,


  2. Oh Joanne, you made me look! LOL! I found it but only after searching and searching and searching ... It's still a beauti-mous quilt! Sylvia


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