Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bonnie K. Hunter was in the house!

OK, I'd better clarify ... Bonnie K. Hunter was in the house, but not MY house.  She's been making her rounds in our area for a while and Tuesday evening she was in Cartersville speaking at our guild there.  And then yesterday she held a workshop ... and I was there!  We all started on the Texas Tumbleweed quilt!  

I got caught up in the BKH fever over Thanksgiving when I participated in her Easy Street mystery quilt she developed on her blog.  That mystery quilt was exactly what I needed after a year of quilting for others.  I literally sat and sewed for days on end ... I was determined to get this mystery quilt done in my lifetime!  

I actually got three borders put on my quilt and I mitered them!  Woo Woo!  Just like I love bias binding, I love mitered borders.  It just puts that extra finishing touch on a quilt top.  With help from Linda W. at Little Quilts I was able to determine just what size(s) these 3 borders needed to be.  The answer:  LITTLE!  Except for the outer border ... thanks, Linda!  I learn so much from you.

Anyway, we had a great time yesterday with BKH.  She is such a dynamo and yes, she probably needed roller blades to skate from one end of our workshop room to the other.  We had 32 people in that workshop and each and every Texas Tumbleweed beginning block was gorgeous!  I wouldn't mind taking any of them home!  

So here's some pics of my quilt.  I'm so bad ... I was so busy sewing yesterday that I totally neglected to take pics.  Geez ... 

OK, here's Bonnie K. and me with that Big Ol' Easy Street quilt top.  See those borders! I nailed them!  Thanks to one of the members for taking that pic and sending it to me. 

Look how big that room is.  We had so much fun!

And here is one of those mitered corners!  Did I say I love mitered corners?  LOL!  

I had so much fun making this quilt and now I'm trying to figure out when I'll have time to quilt it!  The cobbler's children have no shoes ... the quilter has no quilted quilts!  

And these are the Texas Tumbleweeds blocks.  That lime green is my "constant" and will run throughout the quilt top.  And the blues are a collection of Kaffe Fassett that I had.  I'm not a 'blue' person - I tend towards the reds - but look at these last two quilts ... lots of blue.  Hmmm ... a change is a'coming!!  

Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your time and talents with us!

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