Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's just pretend that September was yesterday ...

I've been blogging in my head for a couple of weeks now ... trying to figure out how to span an empty space of 4 months.  Do I try to catch up and fill in with everything that has happened?  Crikey!  No way!  Too much has happened and there is no chance in H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS that I can stay focused enough to fill you in.  Shoot, I can barely relate what has happened in the past hour ...

Ok, so here's the plan.  Let's just pretend that yesterday was September and that today just happens to be the Day After September ... or some day that resembles the Day After September.

So here's a picture for you.  I worked my fingers to the bone quilting customer quilts right before Christmas and then gave myself permission to spend some time on doing some sewing/piecing for me.  So I love mystery quilts ... I've had some good ones and some OH MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING ones ... but I fell into the Bonnie K. Hunter Easy Street mystery right at Thanksgiving and I have had a ball with it.  This pic is of the top without borders.  I plan to add a 2" black border and then a wider something-something border.  Sounds like I need a trip to a quilt store, doesn't it?  And I have a plan for the backing, but that's for later.  How fun can this be????

The famous Ms. Hunter used Lime Green, Turquoise, and Purple in her quilt.  Well, I came across a tangerine piece of fabric that had fushia (or is it magenta?) and a blue-green in it and I went for those colors.  I love the black/white pieces.   So tomorrow I'll see if I can find an outer border piece.  Any suggestions?

And today I finished up this wall-hanging for Patsy Ruth.  It is so beautiful.  The colors are so soft but the way she put them together makes a statement.

This is BEFORE Santa arrived ...

This is AFTER Santa arrived:

Oh oh oh!!!!  Can you see the white wire baskets to the right and to the left of Patsy's wall-hanging?   I added the two pics above, the BEFORE and the AFTER.  I am a brave soul, aren't I?  Santa bought me these beautiful storage units for Christmas!  I've given up the jewelry-as-a-present thing ... now I want (and dare I say NEED) things that make my quilting life productive!  And these units are just too great.  Everything is put up ... most of my fabric (at least fabric in this room) is folded, measured, and put in its proper place.  I finally know what it means to feel a 'lightness of being'.  When I walk into this room, I automatically relax knowing that I can work without stress, worrying about the mess that litters my area.  It's all GOOD!


  1. Your Easy Street is delightful!

  2. Ooo! Your Easy Street looks so lovely!
    Santa was sure nice! Your sewing room looks great too!
    : )

  3. Oh my goodness, you organized that area? Christmas miracles really do exist!! Lol! It looks fantastic, must have taken a lot of dedication! Will the bonus room experience a similar miracle next Christmas? ;)


    1. Yes!!! Doesn't it look tremendous? I touched EVERY PIECE OF FABRIC in this room ... I know where EVERY PIECE OF FABRIC is located ... and it was fun. The bonus room (known as the sewing room in my reality ... LOL!) will experience this miracle soon! And then on to the overflow room ... I love what I do!!! Thanks, Liz ... glad to hear from you!

  4. I love your Easy Street colors! Wonderful!

  5. Wow - so much in this post! Your Easy Street is stunning. I'd go for a magenta border but I love magenta. It's been so much fun working on Easy Street, I love the quilting you did on the modern quilt - stunning. And those storage drawers - just perfect!


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