Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It was a fine day if you were a duck ...

Last week we had rain, rain, and more rain.  And during all that rain I had the opportunity to work on this sweet Ducky quilt!

The applique is fabulous and I didn't want to ruin that, so I did watery stuff around the duckies, some swirls in the ducky sashings, water splash in the blocks, and Terry Twists with another 'twist' in the 9-patch blocks.  I continues on with the water splash all along the border.

Cathy backed this one with a Minkee and the whole quilt is ... well, just Ducky!  Be sure to click on the pic to see it up close ...


  1. Cute quilt! Love the quilting.

  2. What are you doing up so early? Getting ready for Road to California??? Have a fabulous time!!


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