Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second post for the day ....

So you've quilted some quilts, they get delivered to their owners and then what?  Have you ever wondered where those beautiful quilts are and how they are doing? 

I'm lucky to have customers who don't mind sending me some pictures of their quilts 'at home' ... or wherever they are.

Anne sent me a picture of her Monkey Baby Quilt.  This is just the cutest quilt in America and I love the pieced backing.  I'm getting to where I really really like a pieced backing!  Those little monkeys are too too cute!

This is Carrie's Blue and Yellow quilt.  I think the story is that this quilt was suppose to go to a family member (I won't mention who...) but Carrie saw the finished products (quilt plus 2 shams) and decided .... nah, this is MINE!  LOL!  I think she said that this quilt is now on the guest bedroom bed.  Yummy!  Isn't that a great picture?

She did a great job piecing these and it was so nice to quilt.  Love those projects that turn out wonderfully!

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