Monday, July 30, 2012

Hand me a fan ... it's done!

Whew ... it's hotter than fried pies down here and I've been feeling the heat ... but I got lucky because I had me a studio full of "fans" ... with a peacock or two thrown in!

It's done it's done it's done!  I'm posting pictures but you need to know that this quilt is 96" x 96" and there is no way I can get a good picture of this big ol' bad boy ... so I'm just posting some shots of the different aspects of this quilt.    This is Robbie's quilt and she told me it's going on her bed.  It's going to be beautiful draped across her bed....

If you click on the peacock picture you might be able to see where I used the light gold thread and outlined or enhanced the flowers, peacock feathers, etc.

The light blue 'sky' area has a floral motif, while the fans with the gold centers has a modified feather in each fan segment.  The smaller peacock squares has a feathered wreath in them.  

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