Saturday, June 16, 2012

My thread revisted ...

A gentle reader e-mailed me today and ask that I repost my thread picture ... and how timely because Mr. Dancing Bear is gonna build me another unit ... I'm expecting two shipments of thread this next week and I need the room.  Oh, don't ask ... I love thread and I want to try a thicker thread so my fingers went shopping at my two favorite thread vendors ... Superior Thread and Bobbin Central (Magna-Glide threads).  These pics are from late last year and right now they are chocked full of thread cones.  I do need to go straighten them up ...

So maybe in a week or so I'll have another unit installed and full of eye-candy!


  1. Love those thread shelves! Sew jealous...

  2. Love those shelves. I want some now!!!!

  3. What an awesome set-up! Great idea!

  4. Awesome! Won't they get dusty?

  5. Hojean, they are approx. 40" high, 22" wide, and 10" deep.

    Anonymous, the threads are in such use that there's no time for the dust to settle!

    And the new ones have arrived and I love them! Superior variagated and some Fil-Tec new colors with a few Premo-Soft cones thrown in. I'm just having fun!


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