Friday, April 13, 2012

A T-Shirt Quilt

One of the things I really like to do is make T-Shirt quilts ... I know, I know ... maybe I should go lie down until the feeling passes, right?  I love the whole prepping of the t-shirts, the layout, the sewing, and finally the quilting.  I've told myself that the next T-Shirt quilt will be a 'random' placement of the T-Shirts ... I'm really excited to start that one.  Thinking outside the box and all that ...

This is the latest T-Shirt quilt, made for Melanie (thanks, Mom!).  Melanie and Mom bought me her gymnastic t-shirts and since she loves purple (woo woo ... another one who isn't afraid of a bit of color!) we did dark purple/light purple sashings, cornerstones, and borders.  Great backing and a lime green binding!

And then the quilting is the Circle Lord Swirls.  I really like this one for T-Shirt quilts because it really holds that quilt together without being really dense.  If the quilting is too loose (less dense) I'm afraid the t-shirts and their stabilizer pieces would separate.


Oh, that last picture is the great backing that Melanie chose for her quilt.  Purple background, lime green and blue birds, lavender flowers, red paisleys ... just makes me want to smile!


  1. Oooooh that paisley is great!


  2. You do such great t-shirt quilts.
    Yes, I am up and about and trying to get used to a cane.

  3. Sylvia -- Love that tshirt quilt and the Circle Lord swirl looks fantastic! One day those circle lord boards will come to live at my house, but not until my machine is paid off!


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