Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mystery Quilts

 I love a mystery quilt!  One of the first big quilts I did was a mystery quilt sponsored by a quilt store.  I still love that old quilt!  Blue, red, yellow, with kitty cats...

So when I picked up the McCall's Quilting magazine (jan/fed 2012 issue) and saw the 3-part mystery quilt, I jumped on it!  

So I was at one of my fav quilt stores and chose that focus fabric that all mystery quilts call for ... and found 2 favorite focus fabrics!  So what's a gal to do?  Do TWO mystery quilts!  So here I am, taking a break from my long-arm quilting and piecing my first installment of these two mystery quilts.

Here's my fabric ... the focus fabric for the first one is the metallic gold/blue/red piece .  The focus fabric for the second one is the black/blue/gold piece.  The blue with black squigglies is one of my favorite fabrics and it goes so spendidly in this grouping.  So I'm finishing up the first cutting and stitching.  I figure it's going to go fast if it's only a 3-month installment!  Ha!  

I've updated the pic to show the first two blocks of each mystery quilt.  

I must learn how to do photographs better ...


Sheryl picked up the beautiful Pink and Blue and Green and Yellow baby quilt that I constructed for her.  She had handed me the 7 colorful blocks which were made by her mom some years ago.  Sheryl has a niece who is expecting a little girl real soon, so this quilt - made with Grandma's blocks - will go to her as a gift.  What a great gift!  It didn't take too long to do this one, and the quilting is Angel Wings which just softens up this little jewel so nicely.  Can't wait to get a picture of the new baby wallowing around on this quilt!

I think if you click on the picture you can enlarge it a bit to see some of the detail.

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