Friday, December 16, 2011

Spinning Pinwheels


This is Sharon's Bright Spinning Pinwheels!  Isn't it pretty? 

I was almost afraid of the black borders and the totally black backing ... can't use black batting because of the white background. 

So I put on one of my favorite battings, Quilters Dream Blend, and then used a Lime Green Isacord thread.  And this combination with the Fossil pantograph came out beautifully!  

Don't you love the lime green thread against the black fabric.  Oooohhhhh ....


  1. I love it Sylvia. The green thread was a good choice. The quilting looks beautiful, front and back.

  2. I am so-o-o-o glad you like it! I thought the Lime green was a great choice ... sometimes I'm clicking on all 4 cylinders and I surprise even myself. LOL!


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