Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Cyber-Monday so what else are you reading other than a computer screen? LOL!

I'm doing a lot of quilting this week, but for relaxation (? huh?  i thought quilting WAS relaxation!) I read and I tend to read a lot.  I don't do the Danielle Steele stuff ... read 1 or 2 of that and you've read them all is my opinion - I'm allowed my opinion, you know.  Anyway, I've gotten entranced with what I call the Icelandic genre.  It started by coming across the books by Karin Fossum.  I absolutely love her books because the stories are so interesting and the characters well fleshed out.  The subject may be strange but I like books and movies that sort of grab you by the collar and shake you up a bit.  My newest author is Ruth Rendell - A Sight for Sore Eyes - and The Vault.    And an old favorite is Henning Mankell - the Det. Kurt Wallander series.    Just go to and type in Icelandic mysteries and a whole list will pop up.  Go with those that have been reviewed by readers and have at least 4 stars.  You can't go wrong!

And just this past weekend I finished Rules of Civility by Amor Towles which tells a story of 1938 Manhattan.  I love New York and this book didn't fail me.  Great story, great characters.  Wish I had been there!

So I've been giving my K-Fire a good workout this past week.  I love that I don't have to have a flexible light on it - it is backlit like your computer so no extra lighting is needed.  So I just cuddle down into the covers and read away ... 

Ok, back to Max.  I have another vintage quilt on the machine and its so pretty!  Pictures at a later date.  

Happy Cyber-Monday!!

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