Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Pep-Talk in Every Wrapper

I'm a little old lady.  Really.  You know what I mean ... I have such a fear of getting a coughing attack in church that I don't leave the house on Sunday mornings without a bunch of cough-drops in my hand.  Ok, so they also are my early breakfast ... anyway, I sit in church and have a cough-drop or two or three.  And I've noticed that they are wrapped in these neat Pep-Talk wrappers.  I opened one this morning and this wrapper is what I unwrapped.  Isn't it neat?  There are times, even in quilting, where I just don't have that loving feeling, where I feel like I just need to power through and just get 'er done!  So reading "Nothing you can't handle", "Power Through", "Push On", and "Be Unstoppable" really hit home.      Funny story ... one Sunday morning someone nearby coughed and 3 of us leaned over to offer her a cough-drop!  So I'm not the only one ...  harrumph ... old lady indeed ...

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