Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dreaming of Space

Last night was guild night and it was my turn to 'showcase' a quilt.  As I told my guild, if there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I'm almost as passionate about the space program as I am about quilting.  Pick me!  Pick me!  I'll go up in a heartbeat, no kidding!  In 2003 we lost Columbia as it was re-entering our atmosphere.  And in August 2005 space flight STS-114 celebrated our Return to Space.  I sat and watched as this marvelous space shuttle landed at Edwards Air Base.  And even more interesting was that it was piloted by our first female commander, Eileen Collins.  As she landed the big bird (perfectly!) I was putting in the last binding stitch on this quilt.  I immediately knew what this quilt was all about.  It's my Dreaming of Space quilt.  It is MY quilt ... and it's really the only quilt I own that I can truly say is mine.  

One of my guild sisters told me later that she believes that Eileen Collins is a quilter ... I'm gonna have to research that a bit!  Too cool!

The quilt was constructed of 4 different stratas, each containing 7 to 9 different color variances.  It took almost as much time to pick the fabric as it did to piece it!

Have to get back to the jacket construction now.  Later ... 

P.S.  See that stand which is displaying Dreaming of Space quilt?  It's a Savage Port-A-Stand ... I fell in love with it last night and ordered my own on Amazon today!  No more trying to figure out how to do away with pictures of "Quilts with Feet"!  And my quilt "handlers" get really really tired of me saying, "A bit higher ... no, that's too high ... now it's uneven..."  This will be so much better, don't you think?


  1. Love the quilt! It is soooo you. Except that it isn't red.

  2. Tina! You made it! woo woo! Well, the quilt does have some red in it ... and some purple (Hi, Kellee!), and some green, some pink ... oh man ... it has almost all the colors of the rainbow, doesn't it? Sooooooo glad you made it here!

  3. Hmm, I thought all quilts had feet. How could I have been so misinformed?!



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